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Spring Into Summer - Shake off the Lockdown Lethargy, boost your Metabolism and Enjoy a Muffin!

How are you?

I hope this blog finds you and your loved ones healthy and happy during these times. 🧡

Looking for a positive…

My youngest has discovered that she is an amazing baker Thank you Eliana for your delicious blueberry muffins, banana bread and brownies and for Jason introducing Wine Wednesdays. All things I love and don’t want to give up, so I’ve been on the quest to speed up my middle aged metabolism so I can continue to enjoy the sweet things in life.

I love practising mindful yoga flow.

  • It is great for activating slow twitch muscle mass for endurance.

  • To cleanse, build flexibility, strong lean muscles, balance and peace of mind.

  • It can help balance your nervous system, immunity, optimise brain function, and relieve chronic conditions

but it is not helping me with the lockdown chunky monkeys and expanding waistline!

This time last year, I enjoyed practising Yoga Shred. I found it to be a perfect way to shake off the lethargy of winter and spring into summer.

I love it because it is essentially a yoga practice with a shred (4 minute tabata training of 20 seconds intense yoga inspired activity with 10 seconds rest in between for 4 minutes) sandwiched in the middle.

  • Shred is essentially HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that is kinder to your joints.

  • It targets the fast twitch muscle fibres that lift, tighten, define and tone your body.

  • The intense bursts of activity optimises cardio capacity.

  • It has been proven that just a few minutes of intense movement 3 times a week equals more STRENGTH, CALORIE BURN, CARDIO HEALTH AND METABOLIC INCREASE, than if you worked out for hours in a week

I am very excited to share a Yoga Shred inspired class on Monday Mornings from 8.30am instead of the Monday Evening class.

According to science, Dr Michele Olson’s research found that

Tabata training can burn 13.5 calories a minute,

double a person’s metabolic rate for 30 minutes afterwards.

Just 4 minutes of tabata is equivalent to a 20 mins brisk walk.

Repairs DNA and slows down ageing.

Yoga shreds can cause the AFTER BURN EFFECT - a rise in calorie and fat burn that lasts from 12-48 hours after your workout - only 4 minutes of intense activity 3/4 times a week is enough.

This makes me want to jump for joy with a brownie in one hand and a muffin in the other!

*If you practice on your own at home, remember to do some warming stretches first as to avoid injury **Too many shreds can burn you out so no more than 3 Shreds in one session. It is important to have at least one day's rest in between.

Even one shred is sufficient to feel/see the benefits 2/3 times a week


Now that we have a few more months of lockdown on the horizon would you like to join me in a weekly course to include all the Zoom classes below plus daily tips on how to practice Yoga off the mat too?

Sunday 6pm - 7.15pm Yin Yoga Nidra Monday 8.30am - 9.05 am Yoga Shred Tuesday, 11am - 12.15pm Mindful Flow Friday 9.30am - 10.45am Mindful Flow

Our aim is to nourish our body, our mind and our hearts. I’ll be offering some suggestions of how you can practice yoga off the mat too via the WIX App - click below to take a peep and perhaps sign up to the challenge starting today.

There is no time like the present.

Lots of Love, Light & Gratitude,

Trish X

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