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Embody Your Essence with the New Moon 20° Pisces, this Sunday, 10th March, at 9.00 am GMT.

Updated: Mar 10

At the end of this astrological year, it's natural to let go of the past and make space in preparation for new beginnings and vistas. In the last three New Moons of 2024, we have had the opportunity to be practical, make a plan and discern if we are climbing the right proverbial mountain. In an ideal world, we would have been brave and stepped out into a community where our individuality is respected. And now, for this cycle, we glean the wisdom learnt and have faith that everything will turn out as it should for the greatest and highest good of all.

Pisces themes are faith, trust, surrender, spirituality, creativity, romance, imagination, the dream world, intuition, and mystery. It can incorporate all the archetypes of the Zodiac, and for this reason, its highest frequency is that of Oneness - the true essence of Yoga.

How can we embody Pisces energy?

Pisces rules our feet, immunity and lymph system.

Consequently, during this yoga term, we did several toe tucks while sitting on our heels. It is a great way to open up all the meridians of the vital organs that run between the toes (and to prevent bunions). Other ways to embody the Piscian themes are foot massages and awareness of placing our feet on and off the yoga mat and bringing more grace and flow.

As Pisces is a mutable water sign we can honour the Water Element as part of our medicine, especially those who are highly sensitive and empathetic, who are capable of absorbing the world's pain. Shower away others' emotions, salt baths and sacred solitude to recharge and rest, and carry a Shungite stone in your pocket for grounding, too.

Choose your favourite piece of music and allow your body to flow. There are no rules or plans; pure and spontaneous, or practice your favourite yoga flow.

Pisces, like the ocean, is deep. Our thoughts and emotions are the waves that distract us from that inner peace that lies within. With this in mind, the Pisces New Moon invites us to dream and dive deep into our imaginations. Like the hypnogogic state between sleeping and wakefulness. The space of potential where limiting beliefs can be replaced over time. We plant our Sankalpa, (our positive, present tense heartfelt vows), during a Yoga Nidra practice, or just before waking from our morning slumber.

We are invited to dive into the watery Pisces realm and form our prayer, dream or vision. Quite unconscious of what will be, but trust and surrender to the waves of all emotions, cleansing our body and resting with hands on our chest as we bow to the subliminal space of our hearts. We dare to dream how we would love the future to unfold, and with the supportive energy in the universe right now, we are blessed to bring all our positive intentions into form if we believe we are worthy. And so it is.

Perhaps create a prayer for the collective that resonates with you. Or, create your own New Moon intentions around this fertile time.

Suppose you feel lost in the fog of uncertainty: bored with your life, or you are disillusioned by the world news or the hand of cards you have been dealt this lifetime. Perhaps looking to escape reality in any form possible?

Please don't.💚

Trust that there is a solution. The water element in Pisces can feel overwhelming. Reach out, reframe and recommit to your experience on Earth. Anchor your feet into the earth, walk, move your body and even put on your favourite music and dance to lift your spirits!

Make your daily tasks and routines a sacred practice. Look for the sacred in the little details and perhaps add a simple daily gratitude practice as you wake up. Research has shown that just 15 minutes of giving thanks throughout our day for just 6 weeks can strengthen our immune system and improve sleep and mood.

On that note, I would love to thank our friend Mary Jo, who shared a free Art2Life Workshop by Nicholas Wilton - It's still available on YouTube if you'd like to have a break from work, dust off some paints and play with the Piscean energy.

Which area of life can you be more creative?

So, as we approach the end of the astrological year, let's tap into this Pisces energy. Allow it to enhance our experience with the excitement of the sheer possibilities if we dare to dream and believe that each of us can make a difference, even in a small way. I have heard it said many times that we are all a drop of the same ocean, and we are! We are all connected and feel that oneness is the highest form of Pisces energy. That is my prayer for the future.

Pisces is the equivalent of being safe, connected, and secure within the womb. not yet born, but pure creativity is embodied, both miraculous and mysterious, full of hope and potential. The end of one cycle is to be born into another. A dreamy and liminal stage - A perfect time to reconnect to our spiritual quest with no beginning and no end.

New Moon Tidings!


Trish x

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