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Embody Your Essence this Taurus Season - New Moon in 18°Taurus, Wednesday,8th May, 04.22 BST

As the moon enters the sign of Taurus, full permission to retreat, reflect and restore. Clear the social diary, listen to your inner voice, and honour how far you have come.

What new projects and ideas have been sparked and brought to life?

And what habits have you shed?

The Aries lunar cycle and eclipse lessons continue to be integrated. Since the energetical upgrade, we continue to adjust our course when necessary to navigate the unexpected and sustain a strong and determined focus on the worthwhile seeds of the "I am...affirmations and intentions we created last month. We continue with this and now weave the Taurus themes of what we have and continue to take the practical steps forward, slow and steady.

The Taurus New Moon is earthy and nature-loving. Slow and thorough as the seasons, sustaining and building the safe and steady roots where we harvest the fruits later. Yet, at this time, other influences are at play that continue to encourage a forward thrust of action as well as moments of reinvention and general reform of the old conventional ways. You may still be experiencing an inner drive, maybe even a busy mind. Feeling frustrated with the slow pace is a by-product of this week; all in nature's sweet good times will we enjoy our bounty and flow, but for now, our lesson is patience.

Be aware that the shadow side of Taurus is possessiveness, jealousy, and a materialistic tendency like that of a two-year-old, where everything is mine! A sense of lack and financial insecurity, lazy, stingy, stubborn, bull-headed and immovable. Be kind if you can identify with any of these traits or get triggered by them in others.

Place a hand on your belly and visualise a fire like Mars, the planet associated with action. Repeat the sound of Ram, imagine that you can burn away the limitations, and feed the flame of motivation and courage to move the stagnant energy into action—one step at a time in a high-vibe Taurus fashion.

Taurus loves the simple pleasures in life, nourishing the senses, enjoying delicious food, aromatic spices, melodic drum beats, sensuality and luxurious textures. Massages, scented candles and aromatherapy. Connection to the Earth, pets and animals. Gardening, crystals, houseplants, the smell of freshly cut grass, mountain views, a flourish of springtime blossom and birdsong to delight!

The joys of being in a body are some high-road qualities we can all weave into our lives.

Taurus is also thought to be the sign of the Buddha, so what a perfect moment to practice yoga asanas, mindfulness, meditation and non-attachment to our worldly goods. Instead of hoarding our resources, we can still enjoy them and maybe share some of our talents and abundance with others.

As the moonlight wanes each month, give yourself full permission to retreat from the party and spend some sacred alone time to check in with your inner voice. This month focuses on Taurus and Venus themes. Perhaps you should ask yourself if you are overly attached to material things and what you can let go of to make space for more alignment.

The planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, beauty, creativity and wealth rule Taurus

Bow your head and take a long sigh.

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your solar plexus and tune in to this moment.

"How do you feel?" Venus asks your heart.

What resources and values are important to you right now?

What do you have that you feel thankful for?

How can you begin or continue to lay the foundations with your resources and talents?

Since the last eclipse, perhaps our relationship with ourselves and others has changed, and values have shifted.

As you reflect or journal, allow your new moon intentions or prayer to arise. Incorporate some of the high vibeTaurean themes, focus on abundance, be open to all, expand joy, and savour the sweetness in the air.

Gratitude for all our blessings nourishes the seeds of our intentions, and the belief that we are worth it and deserving is paramount for positive shifts.

Can you incorporate all of your senses as you see a healthy and happy version of yourself in the future? Perhaps refer to your vision board to hone in on the Venus/Taurus themes or look to your astrology chart to see which house(area of life) is activated.

I have abundance in all areas of my life

I share my resources for the benefit of others

and so it is.

New Moon Tidings!


Trish x

*If you want to join us next month, we will be retreating to the beautiful countryside of Andalucia to enjoy all things Taurean! We aim for you to return feeling fully resourced, ready to inspire and create the life you deserve.

From the 3rd - 6th of June, with the bonus of extending with the Serenity Space team until the 9th of June.

Both experiences will provide a safe, supportive, and nourishing environment with plenty of space to enjoy time alone or join the group, as well as daily yoga, workshops, and nature walks.

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