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Yoga Retreat

"Thanks Trish for organising such a fabulous experience... It's been a joy to wake up here every morning and enjoy yoga in such an inspirational environment with such a lovely bunch of women.  So happy!  Your lessons have managed to turn the clock back on my stiffening joints and to almost be down in the proper splits for the first time in 6 years - happy-happy-happy. Already counting down to next year. I love this place and love you too" Jacquie Baltrao

The Benefits of a Retreat

A yoga retreat is a perfect way to literally retreat from all the never ending “To Do Lists”, constant beeps and demands of modern day life, to a haven of peace, free from stress . It is a fantastic opportunity to be more creative with your time.  Try and nourish yourself with uplifting books, delicious food, massages, yoga, meditation, swimming and taking walks in nature. Perhaps try your hand at writing, drawing, singing, journaling your heart’s desires or for the more adventurous paddle board and surfing.


Essentially, an individual has time and space to reconnect internally and externally ultimately feeling awake, aware and in harmony.

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We will be retreating to a blissful beach side resort, nestled amongst the palm trees of Ashwem Beach, Goa.  There’s nothing better than waking up to the soothing sounds of The Arabian Sea - Yoga and delicious fresh food.  It is just what the doctor ordered!


Upcoming Events

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