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Embody Your Essence during this Eclipse portal, Ready for the New Moon in Aries, 19:21 BST, on Monday, 8th April 2024

Updated: May 5

Since the lunar eclipse on 25th March 2024, we are all in the potential space of weeding out, digging up and decluttering all the old stuff lurking in the shadows physically, mentally and emotionally. If we choose, it's all there for review and ready to be upgraded in the Solar Eclipse in Aries this Monday (19:17 GMT), where we can begin to rocket launch our intentions for the new Astrological Year.

It aligns with a spring clean. The more space we make now, the more space for positive change in the future.

If you are feeling out of sorts and can't put your finger on why? There is a lot of Aries fire in the cosmic wormhole between the lunar and solar eclipses; the low road vibe is toxic relationships, defensiveness, anger, lashing out, storming out, self-harm and the high road and the medicine for too much of the fire element; is to move the energy throughout our body and feel inspired and happy to be alive. Encourage others to move if inertia is causing sadness and heavy limbs. Be the motivator and inspiration. Welcome the joy of more light and spring entering our lives, which is here to wake us up from our slumber. Healthy relationships with ourselves and others, expressing love and kindness (Ahimsa), and apologising if we speak reactively and hurt one another.

The lessons we learnt from the last Pisces cycle are useful healing balms when faced with reactive behaviour, the practice of compassion for the person who knows no different, we can attempt to hold that compassionate space. We are all human, so awareness of that is a positive step even after the event. It is a good time for inner-child awareness, especially if you feel triggered and your feelings are easily hurt around this time. Look to your natal moon sign to see how you can self-parent yourself to feel safe or ask for help.

Let's not forget Mercury's retrograde in Aries (1st-24th April). It might feel like a slow step forward or a step back: it is suitable for reflection but not so good for rapid results; don't expect the instant manifestation of your new moon intentions; instead, tend and nurture with the right action and enjoy the experience.

Be patient and vigilant to avoid communication and technology mishaps and delays. If things don't go as planned, there will be an opportunity to pivot and find the humour or silver lining. Luckily, this Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time for students to spring out of bed, seize the day, revise and review their study notes for their upcoming exams.

Essentially, we must be prepared to make positive changes and find the balance of serving the Self and the Other in our lives. The other can include personal and business partnerships and relations with clients. in short, there will be fewer people pleasing and more Aries strength to speak up for what is right and ensure we are on the right path as opposed to someone else's if compromise is not present.

Some partnerships may fall away, and some may be renewed and redesigned for the better.

How do we embody our essence?

Remember that the new moon energy sets the foundation for the month ahead. Less intense practices in the next few days, and try not to cut meals. The New Moon phase is about feeling fully resourced, revived and nourished. Until the light of the Crescent Moon appears, we aim to add to and fortify the body and increase our sense of well-being.

Like the cluttered top draws, we hold lots of emotion in our hips. Mindfully moving our hips and holding hip opening postures like The Figure of 4 or Reclined Pidgeon (for at least 2 minutes) feels good. All Seated twists, consciously releasing stress from the past and any restorative poses where you can rest your forehead on a bolster or padded chair soothe the Aries energy, as does head and face massages.

If you are already well-practised in The Full Yogic Breath and Ujjayi Pranayama, you may enjoy the kriya (a cleansing practice) Breath of Fire (Kapalabhati). It's a good practice to lift the energy and release toxins.

If yoga is not your thing, perhaps try to move the fiery energy from head to toe, turn on uplifting music, shake and release, and even dance like no one is watching. Go for a walk and embrace the weather. Deep breaths and grounding steps.

Ready to make the most of this potent eclipse energy?

Aries themes are about our identity. Perhaps practice some " I am..." statements to set the scene for the next astrological year

I am healthy and happy.

I am a motivated athlete.

I am an inspired student.

Light a candle, journal about the future, contemplate how it looks, feels, to be... inspired, healthy. I've never been one to make an elaborate vision board, but this would be a good exercise if you are visual and inclined to create a collage of how you would love your future to look.

Lighthouse Yoga is offered term time online and at Serenity Space, London, SW18, where I'll share all aspects of Yoga in alignment with the cosmic weather.

The new term begins this Tuesday, 9th April, 12.30 pm -1.30 pm BST for Calming Yoga Therapy and Friday, 12th April, 8.00 am - 9.00 am BST for Sunrise Yoga.

If I don't see you in class, wishing you all New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse Tidings,


Trish x

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