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Yoga and the New Moon, 20° Aquarius, Friday, 9th Feb, 22.59 GMT

Updated: Mar 10

Take the inspiration of the last Leo Full Moon to be brave and step out as our true authentic selves, dare to share and celebrate our differences wholeheartedly, ignite friendships, old and new, and reconnect to our hopes and dreams of a healthy and supportive community.

Aquarius governs the electrical impulses of the energy body akin to the chakras in Yoga, in addition to the muscles, bones and tendons of the lower body, ankles, blood oxygenation and venous circulation. Other Aquarian themes are creating a better future, the internet, AI, Social media, Astrology, technological advances, and innovation.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the Aquarian superpower involves reflecting on the past while bidding for freedom, rebellion and revolutions. Yes, freedom is essential with a "don't tell me what to do" attitude; Saturn is on the other side of the spectrum. This is the planet of time and limits and also the ruler of Capricorn. It proves to be an exciting dance between these two planets. Uranus, discovered around the same time as electricity, is the planet of insights, revelations, and pure Genius when centred and grounded through the Saturnian influence.

This lunar cycle inspires out-of-the-box thinking for 2024 and a field of potential for Genius, with the possible manifestation of these intentions at the Full Moon in Aquarius in August.

With all this in mind, what are your new moon intentions for this lunation?

If nothing comes to mind, perhaps write down the question, when I look back in August, what Aquarian themes would I like to celebrate in my life?

Or, how would I like this Aquarian energy to influence my future?

Where can I be 100% myself and be loved and accepted?

To embody the essence of this Aquarian season, we have enjoyed movement and stillness during our yoga classes, feeling into sensations of our dynamic life force within

On the one hand, a slow and sustainable standing yoga practice focusing on the lower body for the root chakra for groundedness and safety will help calm the nervous system and foster physical, mental, and emotional strength and flexibility. In addition, strengthening the spine to provide support for the superhighway of the central nervous system to happily operate. On the other, Uranian bursts of energy with moments of intensity with space to try some fun and inventive moves. As the Aquarian energy is fixed, inversions are useful to increase circulation, but most of all, give full permission to express freedom of expression through movement or sounds.

If you need some Aquarian freedom, feel free to get in touch or put your name down for one of our retreats and mini-getaways. Closer to home if you live in London and are looking to join a supportive and safe space, all are very welcome at Serenity Space, SW18.

In two weeks, it will be a Full Moon in Virgo, which rules the organs of digestion, healthy routines and supplements. On that weekend, I will be sharing Yoga for digesting our food, thoughts and emotions at Serenity Spce with our Nutritionist Expert, Magda, for a well-being afternoon on Sunday, 25th Feb from 2 pm - 4.30 pm, with refreshments and an informal gathering afterwards. I hope you can join us!

Love and New Moon Tidings!

Trish x

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