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Embody Your Essence this Cancer Season - New Moon in 14°Cancer Friday, 5th May,23.57 BST

Love, love, love this Cancer New Moon energy!

It is time to take a breath and digest all the Gemini-themed activities from the last cycle—the information gleaned and shared with our neighbours, local schools, and communities in person and via the airwaves. Perhaps for some, lessons were learned, books were read, podcasts enjoyed, journals written, and our social diaries were ready to burst.

Yes, Gemini was fun. Now, we can digest all the information, move from brain to heart, and gut feeling to consider our emotions as we return to our centre in this Yin phase.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and offers us some respite to reflect on how far we have all come. It is a time to consider how we feel and what we need. Taking our awareness from the cerebral emphasis of Gemini into the Cancerian area of our heart and home.

Cancer anatomy includes the structures that hold nourishing substances or cradle vital organs, such as the stomach, womb, pericardium, pleura, diaphragm, lower lobes of the lungs, chest, and breasts.

There is an invitation at this time to embrace and embody the Cardinal Water Element of Cancer as we set our new moon intentions for the upcoming cycles. If we have been super focused on being out in the world, this New Moon motivates us to focus inward on coming home to our Higher Self, our home, roots, and chosen family.

Like all Water Signs, it is a time to honour our sensitivity and need for safety, security, nourishment, and self-care. We need time in/near water or time alone to feel soothed and replenished. When fully resourced, we receive the gift of intuition and inner knowing of what we need to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The cardinal energy of Cancer the Crab offers strength to strike out with a new action plan to protect our loved ones and initiate healthier choices and habits.

If you have the opportunity, reduce your tendency toward overactivity or overwork. The two days approaching the new moon and the two days afterwards are charged with blessings and insights if you can carve some sacred space and silence to receive them. It will be like adding extra credits to your personal bank of energy and creativity and serve you well for a lovely and lively Leo season ahead.

When rolling out your yoga mat, settle into your body, and allow that sacred moment to come home to yourself - place one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach, slightly bowing your head towards your centre to ask, what do I need to feel more centred? Nourished? Loved? Connected to my family? Leave space for the answer. Allow for intuitive movement to lead the way. Tune in to the water element in your body to wave and undulate, spirals and sensations, gradually returning to your nest of supportive props, blankets, cushions, and even an eye pillow to settle in and absorb the fruits of your movement and the treasure within.

Another suggestion is to incorporate more cooling Moon Salutations instead of the Sun Salutations for a change. Aim for more flexibility in your body, perhaps with Yin Yoga or holding asanas a little longer than usual when the time feels right. This will improve circulation and release any long-held tensions from your connective tissue, which will ripple out more flexibility through all aspects of your life.

Pranayama: Focus on the ebb and flow of the breath and imagine the diaphragm. The gentle inner massage of the digestive system as we breathe in: The diaphragm presses downwards, the belly expands, and then the heart is gently massaged as it retreats upwards towards the heart as we exhale. If possible, allow a longer exhale to release stress, conversations, and situations you cannot change or control. Try this for at least a minute or two.

Then, place the thumb and index of both hands firmly around the waist and aim to sense the expansion outwards and inwards to your centre as you breathe, perhaps counting to 5 seconds exhale: 5 seconds inhale or any comfortable rate of breath that encourages a balanced inhale and exhale. This is a wonderful way to aid digestion on all levels—digestion of our food, thoughts, and emotions.

Yoga Nidra: This is one of the most healing and nourishing practices I have ever experienced, and I love to share during our retreats.

Your favourite form of Meditation - from classical to savouring the view, with a soft gaze, of a lake, river or swimming pool; meditative walking near an expanse of water; drawing and painting, even lovingly preparing a meal for a loved one - in general, any action that involves free movement and a sense of flow, love and gratitude.

This week, aim to feel more flexible. Next week, incorporate strengthening asanas, perhaps weaving weights into your flow. Yoga HIIT is a fun way to sandwich some weights into your usual practice with two cans of beans or hand and ankle weights. Strength training is like medicine, especially if you feel overwhelmed with the water element.

Strengthening our body provides structure and support for the emotions to flow. Then, we are ready for the Blue Moon in Capricorn in a couple of weeks, where we can celebrate the fullness of our life so far before we continue on our spiritual quest with ease and energy.

If any of you are setting your intention for some time out to retreat from the daily routines and have a different experience, check out the website. We have several collaborations happening this year and next. We are retreating to Ibiza in September, going on a Goa getaway in November and have new dates for Marrakech 2025!

Please message me if you would like to contribute to the next Lighthouse Book Club with any of your book recommendations. A Zoom meeting is pencilled in for Sunday, 1st Sepember 2024, 7.00-8.00 pm BST

It is always a joy to share this offering, I hope you can join us

New Moon Tidings!


Trish x

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