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Upcoming Events

From total beginner to advanced level, all are welcome with open arms. 


Do you feel a bit lost and unfulfilled?  

Are you recovering from Covid or trying your best to manage a chronic condition? 

Do you feel the need to escape, find some space and time to recharge and replenish your energy? 

Is it that time of year that you are due an annual trip away with fun-loving yogis?

Trying to manage one or more of the 34 symptoms of Peri-Menopause and menopause?


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, please do get in touch to begin your Yoga and/or Astrology journey.

      Come and join me: 

  • For a one to one Yoga Therapy session

  • To book a mat or a small private class (max of 8 to a class)

  • Blissful Beach Holiday to Goa from 19th March for 7 nights

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Retreat

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"I love Trish's yoga classes. When I first started going I had problems relaxing and suffered from terrible insomnia. Trish's techniques have helped cure this. I have been to many other yoga classes around the world but hers is still my favourite as she has an authentic, caring energy. Yoga isn't a job for Tricia it's a passion and this comes through in all her classes." Fleur Prime

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