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Yoga Soul Therapy and The Full Moon in Gemini, 27th November.

On the 22nd of November, the solar energy moved signs. From the Scorpionic deep dive, we emerge, hopefully, more transformed, to the uplifting mutable energy of the Sagittarius fire; With it, there is a lot of positive energy to aim our arrow to an expanded view of our future beliefs and travels.

The Sagittarius Sun brings the Jupiter-like blessings and light to the Gemini moon today. It is an opportunity to integrate the opposing energies of the big picture expression with the more detailed conscious Gemini intellect.

Gemini is also mutable, but an air sign can energise the fire and motivate us to move and take action. This Full Moon is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. Therefore, some (depending on how it activates your natal charts) may feel this full moon overwhelming - mentally, scattered and ungrounded.

If this resonates for you, press the "Pause Button". Use the qualities of the Water element to soothe and the Earth element to ground and be practical - make a plan that gives you some space to take 3-5 mindful grounding breaths; try practising more presence during the many tasks and intellectual interests you have on your list. This can bring the high road of Gemini to the table, the childlike wonder and curiosity that inspires and lifts our spirits and yearns for more connection and social activities.

Here's a quick reset for those of you with jagged nerves:

Stand or sit - with your awareness in your legs and feet.

Bowing your head towards your heart, place one hand on your heart centre and the other on your abdomen.

Breathe out three long sighs.

Then, feel your feet and legs strong and grounded; as you breathe more faith into your belly and sides of the chest, feel your heart lift and your spine grow.

Follow with a long breath out of calm and peace. x3

Then, repeat your Sankalpa (your positive, present tense, heartfelt vow) three times before returning to the day's potential.

Another way is to bring curiosity into your asana practice, using the breath as your music, inhaling inspiration and moving mindfully on the exhalation.

Feeling embodied brings presence, clarity, and the ability to consciously

expand our inner and outer horizons. We can integrate both polarised energies to consider all perceptions and truths without judgment - Can we expand our consciousness and find our peaceful centre in these whirlwinds of energies?


If we take positive action - Journal, research, plan adventures and travels, open our minds to other philosophies and perhaps upgrade our beliefs and personal truths.

More faith, optimism and enthusiasm will return!

Full Moon Tidings!

Trish x

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