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Yoga and the New Moon in 20 Capricorn 44',11th Jan,11.57, UK 06.57,NY

Updated: Mar 10

The days surrounding this New Moon are fertile ground to seed our new intentions for the next cycle. This lunation sets the structure and tone for 2024, with the possible manifestation of these intentions at the two corresponding Full Moons in Capricorn in June and again in July. Capricorn rules the connective tissue, bones, knees, spine, and joints. It offers structure and stability to our body so our life force can easily flow.

A slow and sustainable yoga practice that includes weight-bearing feels good this season. Focusing on the Root chakra for a sense of groundedness and safety will help calm the nervous system and foster healing physically, mentally and emotionally. Through consistency and discipline, we become stronger on all levels. And like the Capricorn sea goat who climbs to the top of the spiritual mountain, we too trip us up or at worse can reach our long-term goals and ambitions, disciplined and determined, one steady step at a time.

Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn. They are like the strict but wise teacher and timekeeper who repeatedly offers life lessons, throws a curve ball or at worse brings us to our knees until we become more conscious of which skill we need to practice. This usually happens when we decide to take responsibility for our actions, usually between the ages of 28-30 years (also known as our first Saturn Return). We feel more mature and able to adult ourselves. During this time, life events capture our attention, and we get the opportunity to learn and evolve through personal development and self-study (Swadhyaya). This allows us to free ourselves of the inevitable habits (Samskaras) that keep us stuck in similar low-vibe situations. If not, approximately every seven years after that, Saturn will give us a nudge until we wake up and do the work necessary to reach the summit of our spiritual mountain. is a great site if you wish to plot your free natal astrology chart and discover which of the twelve areas of life the Capricorn New Moon and Saturn highlights for you. There is one space available for the Yoga Soul Course next month, where together over 5 sessions, we can take a deep dive into your personal chart and see how you can stay on track and truly embody your essence. For those coming to this Sunday's workshop at Serenity Space, SW18, I am happy to take a peek at your chart and identify which area of your life would benefit from creating an intention with this Capricorn energy.

New Moon Tidings!

Trish x

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