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Yoga and The Full Moon in Cancer, 27th December, 2023 at 00.33 UK

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

After a full and festive month, this full moon is welcomed with open arms. The Moon rules the nurturing and maternal sign of Cancer and is truly at home here. Let's give ourselves permission to embody our emotional wisdom and rest, nourish and nurture ourselves.

Cancer themes are also elated to home, family and our roots. As we reflect over our past, we can reflect on our experiences and life lessons.

A yummy time to recharge and release the memories that no longer serve us so we can start anew in a couple of weeks. When the New Moon is n Capricorn, we will be all set to look to the mountain goat that is driven and disciplined to attain our lofty goals and aspirations, step by step..

For now, finding space in our schedule for self care, celebration and gratitude for the people and yoga practices that bring us home to ourself.

Wishing you all lots of love, gratitude and full moon tidings!

Trish x

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