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Yoga and the Full Moon 11 degrees of Capricorn, 3rd July 2023, UK, 12.38; NY, 07.38.

Wow! As we look up at the night sky, we are in store for a Super Full Moon this evening; it will appear 14% bigger and 40% brighter, impacting our magnetic field, weather and tides. As I write this, our rivers and oceans are full, and for a few, our emotions will feel the same fullness, like the top of a full yogic breath, at the peak of a wave, a moment to be, before releasing and letting go with acceptance and surrender.

Our Sun is in the sign of Cancer, a cardinal water sign, the mother and healer, emotional, intuitive, maternal, nurturing, protective and sensitive. Feeling our way through this energy can bring up past hurt and unconscious ancestral/generational wounds. Building on our practice of Ahimsa (non-violence in our thoughts, words and deeds - be loving and kind) from last term, we can use the safe and secure Capricorn energy to hold and support all that we feel while being grounded and fully in our physical body.

We have been putting this into practice this term from the safety of our yoga mat. Allowing and accepting ALL that we feel and moving this emotional energy through our physical body through our asana practice.

Another simple and effective way has been with our breath awareness. Through releasing emotions of anger, fear, grief or worries down into Mother Earth, who lovingly transmutes, transforms and nourishes with each gift of our inhalation. Receiving this life force (Prana, qi) with a sense of receiving an inner smile and trust that everything will be alright. Sending our loving intentions to our central nervous system, in and around the spine and to every energy centre along the way.

The lessons of this Full Moon in Capricorn's cardinal and Earth qualities offer us "tapas" (3rd Niyama), the discipline or burning enthusiasm to get up and on our yoga mats to do the work with love and kindness (Ahimsa) that ultimately empowers and heals, transmutes and transforms.

Saturn, the great teacher of life lessons and karma, rules responsible Capricorn.

Marrying together the qualities of the Sun and our conscious and unconscious awareness, this Cancer season brings a welcome nurturing and nourishing balm to the hard-working Capricorn Moon, who offers support and structures to contain our emotions.

There is an opportunity in the air to learn from the past and redefine new goals and a sense of purpose for ourselves and for the good of others. More than ever, Saturn (ruler of this Full Moon) wants us to feel more creative, united, connected and whole and together, we can manifest our heartfelt dreams.

For those who resonate with the Capricorn energy, remember to give yourself permission to hit the pause button and take a break to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

It's time to celebrate!

With Full Moon Tidings,

Trish x

PS. We are now open for bookings for our signature course, Awaken Your Inner Power returning to Morrocco - on March 17th - 22nd, 2024, for lots of nurturing, nourishment and maybe a little Capricorn mountain to climb.

The early bird offer applies to Lighthouse members until the end of term, 14th July 2023, hope you can join us! xx

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