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The Super Full Moon in Capricorn, Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 17.37 BST

At 17.37 BST, it is the Super Full Moon in Capricorn, reflecting the light of the nurturing and homely Cancer Sun.

It asks us to reflect, integrate and assess our aspirations, work and home life.

A great time to celebrate our journey and check in to see if we are climbing the right mountain?

The Capricorn Archetype is the mythical sea goat, head of a mountain goat and tail of a fish. It climbs the mountain and leads the way to the spiritual summit; then, it looks back to help others. At its best, it is tenacious, responsible and wise and renowned for the ability to navigate the material and emotional realms.

At it's worse, it doesn't know when to stop and have some fun or practise some yoga.

The loving and emotional Cancer Sun lights up this area on Wednesday. It is an opportunity to integrate the qualities of Capricorn and Cancer, reflecting or journaling on how to balance work and home life.

Some questions to contemplate:

What is going on at home? At work?

Where can I take responsibility and integrate emotional intelligence instead of reaction?

Can I avoid moodiness and instead respond sensitively?

In short, an excellent time to end, acknowledge or adjust something at work or home to find more joy and harmony.

We channelled our inner Capricorn mountain goat not long ago while on retreat near the Atlas Mountains in Morrocco. We enjoyed a walking meditation and a challenging ascent up the rocky path. A personal highlight was reaching the refreshing waterfall.

Awaken Your Inner Power Retreat, Marrakech, is returning from 28th February - 5th March 2023. To secure the early bird offer (until 31st July 2022), get in touch today to discuss the payment plan.


Trish x

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