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The Super Full Moon in Aquarius, 1st August, 14.31 NY, 19.31 UK and Leo Season

This Leo season, the Sun has been infusing us all with its life-giving energy and inviting us all to upgrade our radiance with more Leo awareness!

In astrology, the Sun rules the fire sign of Leo and Leo rules the spine and heart.

With this in mind, we can reconnect to the element of fire and the Leo themes:

  • To explore what lights up our hearts.

  • Don our favourite colours and clothes, and focus on fun and family.

  • Sing, dance, put on a show.

  • Indulge in childhood hobbies, crafts, and arts, and maybe even go to an audition.

Ultimately, we open up our hearts to receive and give more love - Creativity, romance and be joyful

Beware! Fire signs are known for outbursts and drama; if that sounds like you, remember apologising once you've found calm for the peace to resume and love to flow. The high vibe of Leo is to be generous and to applaud others for their creativity as well as their own.

This Super Full Moon in Aquarius reflects the Sun's energy and asks us to consider how we can share our individual gifts for the good of humanity and our communities locally and afar. What can we share to support others' hopes and dreams for an inspiring and evolved future?

As these two luminaries commune, honour the polar energies of Leo (the self) and of Aquarius (the other).

Air signs, like Aquarius are intellectual and people oriented. Thanks to their ruling sign (Uranus) they can feel highly charged, humming with potential to the point of being too frenetic like a live wire. In either case, they avoid the mundane dramas and routines at all costs! Preferring to engage in the more off the planet and/or innovative or charitable thoughts of the future.

On the other side of the spectrum they feel rebellious and are keen to bring down the old systems infavour of the new. Ultimately, their motivation is for the good of the people.

Depnding on your natal chart you may feel this energy more that others a couple of days before and after the alignment. If that is the case for you, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • As the moon rises, take a breath and absorb the wonder of this supermoon, big and bright in the night sky. A welcomed opportunity to hit the pause button and recentre, especially if your emotions are feeling full, fiery and ready to burst. Try three Lion Breaths then return to a balanced balanced breath practicie.

  • Equally, if your mind is busy, find time to journal and empty the contents to the open page - there could be a pearl of wisdom to be found.

  • Or, write down some old stories that are dimming your light and burn them. With the intention of more space for the uplifting thoughts - Be your own Cheerleader!

  • If you have had a sense from a young age, that your natural rhythm is different from your classmates/workmates, honour that. Be authentic and live to your own potential, not somebody elses.

  • To reconnect to our own inner compass and genius, we need to feel at home in our body, soothe the static and erratic energy of overdoing and be kind. Like a battery, or the most beloved crystal, we need time out to recharge - salt baths, scented candles and time alone under the nourishment of the Moon is a lovely full moon ritual to enjoy.

All yoga poses that lengthen and strengthen your spine and open your heart centre will invite the energy of Leo - radiance, courage and the generosity of an expansive heart centre able to connect with others.

Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed energy which is great for getting things completed but

when feeling stagnant or stuck move the body and breathe deeply.

Sun salutations or another flow that includes spinal twists, backbends (heart openers) like Ustrasana (Camel Pose.) Setu Bandha (Bridge Pose) supports and opens the upper middle back behind the heart. Perhaps include an inversions Like Salamba Sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand) with he help of a qualified teacher or legs up the wall to help with circulation. Always conclude with at least 10 minutes Savasana (Corpse Pose) to absorb and assimulate your practice.

With the courage of the Leo lion, step forward and share your radiance; in the spirit of Aquarius, look to the future with hope, dare to be yourself, even if it means you look or sound different from the crowd, embrace your differences and celebrate them. There is a tribe waiting in the wings for all of us. There is no need to be alone all of the time,connection is equally part of being human and good for our health.

Like all full moons, shake off what is keeping you stuck and be kind to yourself (Ahimsa).

Lots of Love and Full Moon Tidings!

Trish x

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