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Super Full Moon in Aquarius NY, 21.35 and 12th August in UK, 02.45

Hello Lovely Lighthouse family!

Everyone has gifts and a purpose, but sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees!

Now is a good time to enquire and to see what lights you up.

The fire and courage of the Leo Sun this season have offered us all the opportunity to tune in to things that light up our hearts and bring us joy. It could be from stepping out in bright colours, meeting friends, dancing, picking up that hobby or pastime that ignites more passion and excitement or finding time for romance. Be creative. If you have become too serious and have lost the wanderlust for life, spend some time with young children; they teach us all how to be more present, joyful and curious.

From the gifts of fun-loving Leo, we find our sense of self. We can share this light with others in our families, friends and those like-minded/hearted groups and communities.

This particular full moon in Aquarius offers us all a time to be still and reflect on how far we have come. It's an air sign, so full permission to be conscious of your breath and life force. Be expressive through words, whether talking and sharing your hopes and dreams for the future or journaling. The energy in the sky is fixed. You may feel agitated, stagnant, lost, stuck in the past, or fearful of the future.

The secret is to find your centre, trust and tune in.

This is how I love to energise, connect to my breath and return to my centre:

Sit tall, press your bare feet onto the ground;

Hands on your lap to feel secure;

Take a normal breath in, then exhale, exhale, exhale.

Release old stories, conversations, and the weight of your body with each out-breath.

Feel grounded and cleansed

Try this three times.

Now is the time to lift and balance your energy

Raise your arms and the corners of your mouth as you Inhale, inhale and inhale.

Lower your arms as you exhale, exhale, exhale.

Sit tall through the crown of your head.

Continue with this for 3-6 rounds of breathing.

Complete this practice with your hands on your lap, palms facing upwards.

Finding stillness.

Feeling centred and ready to receive any insights

Silently repeat a mantra, affirmation or Sankalpa ( a positive, present tense heartfelt vow - "I. am ....") Then let it go.

Contemplate for 2-10 minutes.

Here is some journal prompts to get you started:

  • What lessons have we learnt?

  • How are we different, and how can this be celebrated?

  • Who are the people who love us for our differences and eccentricities?

  • Who are your cheerleaders? Can you be your own cheerleader?

  • What needs to be released at this time to free up the space to be more authentic?

  • How can I be in alignment with my natural gifts and purpose?

Let me know how you get on.

The diary for September's astrology readings is now open. If you are curious or need help to get on track, contact me, I would love to help.


Trish x

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