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New Moon Partial Eclipse in Scorpio, Tuesday, 25th October 2022, 11.48 BST

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Solar eclipse energy is supercharged. It will wake us up if we have been plodding down the wrong road—the perfect time to reflect and refocus on what is important. Scorpio's themes are mystery, metaphysics, life, death, passion, power, and psychology.

Here are a few questions for your journal:

  • What is your life's mission/purpose?

  • Can you feel the intensity of the solar eclipse?

  • What area of life is this showing up for you?

  • Personal? Values? Siblings? Family? Children? Health? Relationships?Finances? Travel? Work?Community? Spirituality?

If you are not feeling aligned with your dharma/life's purpose, then now is an excellent time to make some changes to get back on course.

The soil is fertile to plant your seeds of intention.

Set intentions to change the quality of your thoughts and then get set to take some positive action to get back on track.

If feeling overwhelmed, find ways to reconnect to your body, nature, animals, friends, and family. Tap into your Venus energy. There is an abundance of love and harmony to mend bridges and for fresh starts.

Wishing you all a happy and transformational eclipse season!


Trish x

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