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Full Moon in Pisces, Saturday 10th September, 10.59 BST

An invitation to take your eye off the "To do list" and dream.

As the fun and freedom of the summer holidays draw to an end for some. The back to work, and school returns. You may have felt that much-needed earthy energy of the Virgo sun bringing practical matters into focus. Organising home life, work and health. I even had a sudden urge to have a clear-out and tidy my drawers!

This Pisces Moon reflects the sun's light and gives us a welcome break.

A perfect time to remind ourselves:

  • "We have done enough and we are enough!"

  • to be creative and trust intuition.

  • to dream and believe in ourselves

  • to enjoy the floaty and mystical energy.

  • to ntegrate the practicality of Virgo and plan for daily meditation (Pisces)

  • we can make the mundane sacred in selfless service.

  • to release resistance and cultivate more compassion.

Journal prompt:

  • How can you be a practical (Virgo) dreamer?

  • What are your dreams?

I have always dreamed of sharing yoga therapy and now astrology to help others. Thank you for all your support over the years in making this happen. I am always here if you need any help.

Private individual/group classes at home/work are available again from Thursday, 22nd September.

Finally, the Morroco Retreat, "Awaken Your Inner Power", is already half full. WhatsApp me for the full-colour brochure and to book your place. It would be great to share this luxury retreat experience with you.

Lots of Love and Full Moon Blessings!

Trish x

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