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Full Moon in Gemini, Thursday, 8th December 2022, 04.08 am London.

This full moon is an opportunity to shine our awareness on all things "Communication."

What we say.

How we say it.

And, what we don't say!

The high vibe of Gemini is to listen and communicate from the heart.

This full moon is activating a passionate and fiery Mars retrograde energy; a feeling of frustration of being held back or an invisible pause button to life comes to mind - used in the right way, it makes for an interesting dialogue or time to think before we speak. Be aware that some reactivity and anger could throw a few spikey words of exasperation.

Carl Jung said that it is better to be whole than good. It is an excellent reminder that we are all human, so be kind and love all parts of ourselves, To acknowledge the anger we feel and the courage to communicate from our heart.

What better time than now to release and let go of the inner dialogues that keep us stuck?

We are all wired differently. What works for one will be different for another but finding a healthy way to express our thoughts and emotions is the key to more ease.

Yin Yoga is my go-to to release emotions without having to psycho-analyse; tension is removed from the connective tissues. Targeting the liver meridian to release anger; the kidney meridian for fear; the stomach and spleen meridian for worry; and the lung and large intestine meridian for grief. After a Yin class, I always feel more grounded and centred on communicating more healthily.

Finding a safe space to tune in to the inner dialogue and sensations with the attitude of tending and befriending ourselves is the first step towards feeling healthy and whole.


Trish x

PS. Join me this Sunday, 11th December, 7 pm -8 pm, GMT, for Lighthouse Yoga Therapy at our local Samsara studio and on Zoom. The Class will include Yin and Yoga Nidra to release tension and guide you home to your centre. xx

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