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Full Moon in Cancer, Friday, 6th January, 2023 at 23.08 GMT

As the responsible, goal-oriented Capricorn Sun opposes the emotional and nurturing Full moon in Cancer, we can tune in.

Listen, feel and honour this part of the moon's cycle. Reflect on our past, our emotions, thoughts and insights.

If journalling is on your list of new things to try, I invite you to grab a notebook and pen and work with the cycles of the new and full moon - setting your most audacious intentions around the new moon and reflecting two weeks later.

Here are some prompts for this cycle:

  • What were your New Moon intentions?

  • Are you on track?

  • What do you need to tweak/release?

  • How can you nourish your inner child to feel fully resourced to climb the Capricorn mountain of your outer goals and aspirations?

  • What can you celebrate?

This earth and water combination, along with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Mars Retrograde in Gemini (until 12th and 18th January, respectively), has a yummy yin quality. Always a good time to practice patience and a good sense of humour!

Rest and restore

Review and reflect.

Focus on the silver lining and get ready for the green light in a week or two.

Cuddle and snuggle; nourish and nurture and tend and befriend yourself and each other

When all the inner and outer work is integrated, the mountain goat can spring into action and play!

Happy Full Moon Tidings!


Trish x


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