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Full Moon in Aries Yoga

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Those born with their natal moon in Aries are no strangers to this fiery energy of today's full moon. They are the people who need to move their bodies in times of stress. Otherwise, they may be prone to explode and be reactive. As they grow and mature, they learn to channel this energy in productive ways and can be the most inspirational leaders and coaches!

The energy of the Peaceful Warrior, Daredevil and Pioneer. Or, the domineering, insensitive, hot-headed bossy boots!

Today, the Libra Sun lights up our inner emotional landscape of all things Aries in nature. Each moment, we get the opportunity to upgrade and act in a higher vibration and more conscious way. We can channel this fiery energy to initiate and inspire others and ourselves to begin new projects, ideas and ways of being.

If we tend to give too much to others (Libra) in personal or work relationships, why not take some time out to focus on You for the next couple of days?

Ultimately, being in a healthy relationship with ourselves is the best gift we can give a partner.

How can we embody the energy of the Aries Full moon in this Libra season?

Aries rules the head, so finding ways to release tension throughout the body will bring more ease and grace (Libra). Instead of rushing into life situations headfirst, we can hit the pause button and find a peaceful solution. Easier said than done!

How many times, when we were younger, have we overreacted emotionally and been triggered? Or, felt bitterness or resentment? These low-vibe emotions are draining and not good for our health.

When we step onto our yoga mat:

We have a safe place to witness all thoughts and emotions in a non-judgemental way.

We practice "Ahimsa", "Kindness or non-violence in our thoughts, in our words and in our deeds".

The fire and the feelings are transmuted into inspiration.

With each full yogic breath, we breathe in an inner smile and have faith that all will be okay - we reprogram our nervous system to feel safe and promote self-healing.

Why not begin a home practice - Play some of your favourite music and move your body in a creative way. If you feel you need more confidence or assertiveness in your life, try weaving a strong Warrior sequence or other standing poses where you can feel bold and steady. Embody the qualities of your favourite asanas and watch them ripple out into your life

When we cultivate the strength, confidence and discipline to breathe evenly and feel centred and steady, we will integrate the high vibe Aries qualities of courage and assertiveness that has the pioneering spirit to initiate new ways, sharing our unique gifts with others.

With each passing year, we can elevate our emotional intelligence and break the reactivity pattern. Trust ourselves and look inside for the treasure instead of looking outside for the answers.

Full Moon Tidings!


Trish x

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