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Full Moon in Aries, Sunday, 9th October, UK, 21.54

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

It's the midst of Libra season; think peacemakers, contracts, relationships, justice, scales and balance.

The Sun and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, illumine the Full Moon in Aries and Chiron, the wounded healer, until Monday. It's a great reminder to check in with yourself and your relationships.

The axis of Aries (Self) on one side and Libra (Others) on the other.

Journal Prompt:

Do you feel equality and harmony in your relationships with others? Whether in business, friends or romantic partnerships? How can you re-address the balance?

If you find the scales/axis is uneven and you are feeling exhausted, tap into this fiery energy of Aries these next couple of days to make some changes and take action.

  • Identify your needs and communicate them to others.

  • Enjoy some time alone to nourish, nurture and recharge your energy

  • Refocus on what you need.

  • Fuel your passion, enjoy your independence

  • Set an intention to get back on track to what lights you and the other up.

The best relationships begin with yourself. When you feel whole and fully resourced, you can offer more to a partner, friend or colleague. It is a win-win

Are you in balance and in a healthy relationship with yourself?

In yoga therapy, we begin with the physical body and the breath. It brings clarity and centredness.

If feeling closed or critical to others or yourself, then heart-opening asanas are magical. They shift the energy to receive and feel more. Along with breath awareness, we begin to yoke together all parts to feel whole again. - we learn to love, accept and integrate the shadow and the light within us and extend this compassion to others.

When we feel connected, healing begins.

For this reason, I will definitely be opening up Zoom again for a Yin-style Yoga Therapy class on Sunday, 16th October, from 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm.

I am looking into a Yang-style Yoga therapy class on Friday, the 14th and 21st of October, from 8.00 am - 9.00 am at our local Samsara Studio - This depends on numbers; so please do let me know asap if this works for you and I can reserve the space.

There will be an informal Lighthouse community catch-up on Zoom Friday, 14th October, to discuss the book, Why Woo Woo Works by Dr David Hamilton

In the meantime, Happy full moon!

Dance and move your body. Release and let go of any stagnant energy and enjoy this moment!


Trish x

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Thank you Trish darling! That’s very interesting 😘

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