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6 Steps to a Healthy Winter & Why I Love Kombucha...

Updated: May 25, 2020

Although it's been a wet, cold and windy couple of months, here in London, our inner sunshine has been shining brightly at Samsara, Treehouse Studio and hopefully off the mat too. It wouldn't be winter without the odd cough or cold but how amazing it would be if we could increase our immunity! I've been geeking out - please allow me to share :-) What if we were to tap in to our natural rhythms and resources to heal? Let's look to the seasons and nature. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science are a good place to start. You may have experienced lower immunity this winter, pain in the heels of the feet, lower back and aching knees. Are you experiencing more fear, from phobias or even future events that haven’t even happened yet? Then according to TCM it is a time to enhance kidney Qi (energy/prana) Our kidneys become depleted due to stress, over stimulation, overwork. Do you feel anxious, have more tension headaches, insomnia, dry skin? Then according to Ayurveda your Vata needs pacifying. Interestingly for some, Vata is closely related to the menopause too - so perhaps treat yourself to an oil massage at a spa or a DIY massage before your daily shower - careful not to slip! We have been practising the relevant asanas and pranayamas this term to keep all the above in check so all is well. What else can we be doing off our mat?

It's the season to wrap up warm, especially around the kidney area.

  • Keep you kidneys warm. My teenage girls look at me like I'm crazy when I helpfully suggest a crop top may not be wise.

  • Healthy Routines - Tune in to how are you re feeling. Regular bedtimes, meal times, rest when you are tired and move if you are being lazy :-) I find this a challenge over the Christmas period but it wouldn't be Christmas without some excess - so no judgement here.

  • Healthy Diet - Eat more oily omega rich food, warming root vegetables, Soups and stews. Seasonal fruit and vegetables.

  • Stay hydrated with warm water and herbal teas.

  • Avoid iced drinks, cold food, raw veg and juices this season, perhaps opt for a room temperature smoothie instead.

  • Kombucha - A great antidote if you've had some antibiotics this season.


I love Kombucha because it reminds me of a sunny afternoon in Goa with my fun loving yogi friends - a friend suggested

substituting a bottle of beer for a bottle of Kombucha. It tasted alright. Little did I know then it would find itself on my weekly shopping list.

Studies now affirm that Kombucha ( Fermented good bacteria yeast drink) is a great probiotic.  It is a boost for those aching knees, bone health, can help with bacterial infections and it contains B vitamins to boost your energy too! Like most things it's good in moderation, too much is not great for your teeth.


All information ...on classes and retreats are on www.lighthouse -

For those of you who are local-to London SW18 - Term starts again at Samsara from Monday 24th February usual times

The Sunday and Monday classes are perfect for stress management and relieving aches and pains, anxiety and insomnia. Or, for those feeling the strain of modern day living and just need some me time to rest.

Mondays 24th - 5.30 pm-6.45pm

Tuesdays 25th - 11am-12.15pm

Fridays 28th - 9.30 am-10.45am

Sunday evening will be 8th March,  6pm-7.15pm at Treehouse Studio . £75 for a block of 5 for the term.

Lots of Love,

Trish x

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