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✨6 Reasons To Retreat to Goa Next Year✨

Updated: May 25, 2020

✨Thank you to the wonderful group of Beautiful Friends and Yogis who have just returned- you are all stars✨Let’s keep that Goan vibe shining 💛Please can you share to friends whom you think would benefit from a retreat like this..

🌴✨6 Reasons To Retreat To Goa Next Year✨🌴

By the end of this blog you will have 6 beneficial reasons to join us next year and potentially transform your life for the better. Total beginners to yoga are very welcome also.

This will be my eighth time to North Goa, having just returned with another wonderful group of friendly yogis💛 I find this place so nourishing that I would love to share with as many people as possible who need to press the reset button, rest and restore ready for their next exciting chapter.

1) An Adventure like No Other Only in Goa have I ever seen the friendly, breakfast waiters dodging fresh falling coconuts! 🙂 Other than that harvest time, I can honestly say I have felt safe and secure on our beach side eco-resort.

2) There will be No Judgement. Set your own personal intentions for what you want from your retreat time. If you enjoy a glass of wine with your chicken curry then please go ahead and enjoy. If you are like me then you will be full of contradictions. When I'm back in London going "out out" or on holiday I would wear my favourite shoes, fairly smart outfit, some make up and may even straighten my hair. I will happily enjoy some prosecco, cocktail or three and most probably regret it the following morning.

In Goa its my intention to be clean and serene, up early for pranayama, meditation and yoga asanas, barefoot walks on the beach, lots of fresh coconut water, fruit and delicious food. Flip flops, baggy Indian pants, no make up, frizzy hair and as much sun, fun and laughter as possible then early to bed. Its taken me 10 years to get to this point so if you do find yourself partying at the Sunday Reggae night till dawn that's absolutely fine but perhaps give yourself a yoga day off to re-hydrate and cleanse your system before stepping on the mat. I promise you will have a headache like no other if you try and combine them both.

3) Improved Physical, Mental and Emotional Health. There will be a 90 minute mindful dynamic class each morning and a Yin/seated class most afternoons where you will have the opportunity to truly reconnect to your Self. The benefits of yoga have been well documented and by the end of the week I am sure you will be experiencing the magic for yourself.

As the practice of Yoga is holistic, it helps to detox on all levels. If you do feel some things bubbling to the surface that's a good thing, acknowledging and letting things go is deeply healing and makes space for more positive perceptions and attitudes to develop. As you begin to make more space, strength and flexibility in your physical body, this will be reflected in your mind and energetic heart.

4) Time for socialising. When I said I like to go to bed early say 10.30pm 🙂 this still leaves plenty of time to get involved in the evening activities. On Saturday evenings there is the famous hippy market in Anjuna which is always worth a trip if you want to indulge in some shopping, The Sunday Reggae party proved to be fun last year even if its just for a pre-dinner dance before heading to Cafe Nu for some delicious dinner. We stay very close to La Plage Restaurant, which is one of my favourites along with Sublime. And a little drive away The Old Fort and Gun Powder. We are not stuck for choice when it come to amazing food. Some of my best friends I have met on yoga retreats over the years as everyone is so friendly and relaxed. It is perfect if you are travelling alone and want to be part of a friendly supportive group.

5) Lots of Free Time to experience Om Shanti (the perfect mantra to experience inner peace, calm, bliss) Yes, there is lots of time just to be in the glorious nature and absorb that laid back Goan vibe. Each dome has its own outdoor dining table/desk and hammock perfect if you are craving some quiet time to relax, read, write or draw. Or alternatively, there are the sun loungers on the beach where you can watch the rolling waves and chat to the local ladies selling their wares. Why not treat yourself to one of the many Ayurveda massages on offer.

It's in these quiet satvic moments where I usually have my most creative ideas and begin to listen to my heart as opposed to the mental chatter of the ego mind which used to talk me out of so many things. By investing some time to nourish ourselves our attitude towards life begin to change for the better and great transformations are possible.

6) Try new things at our Well-being Retreat January/February 2020 I will be joining forces with 2 friends for the January/February Retreat. There will be an option to join the morning HIIT classes/ jogging on the beach before the 8.30am energising yoga class. Life Coaching and Yoga Therapy will also be available during this week.

It would be an honour to share the delights of this magical place, with you. Please register your interest for the January / February Well-being Retreat and//or March Yoga Retreat. The sooner we find our tribe for next year, we can all benefit from the cheaper flights ✈️ If you would like to be on the emailing list/ What’s App Gtoup for next year DM. Or contact me if you have any questions

Love & Light

Trish X

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