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Tuesday, 8th November, Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, 11.02 GMT, 06.02 ET

As we approach this lunar eclipse, be prepared for the unexpected.

We have the Moon donning its Taurian costume on one side of the stage and the Sun wearing its mysterious Scorpionic shades on the other.

This season the Sun wants to explore the depths of the psyche and express all things Scorpio: death, rebirth, taxes, other people's money/resources, mystery, research, intense topics of the psyche, sex and secrets - a natural psychologist at home with such intensity and with the gift to heal and transform no matter what occurs.

On the other side of the stage, we find the instinctive but slow and steady Taurus Moon. If there is too much earth energy, we have a tendency to overindulge in the good things in life and feel insecure, but when in a high vibe mode, Taurus is like our inner yogi and healer. To be centred, grounded and awake to each wonderful moment.

The Taurian Moon also offers the gift of gratitude and appreciation for the magnificence of being alive. The sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and all the sensual sensations of being in this body are the essence of Taurus and the lesson for Scorpio and vice versa - when we feel insecure or alone; we look to Scorpio, the secret keepers, to hold the intimacy of trust to feel safe to share our thoughts, feelings, resources and deep connections.

During this eclipse, we have Uranus, the Great Awakener, waiting in the wings to surprise and shake up the energy and Saturn, the Great Teacher urging us to do the right thing and learn from our life lessons. One through a modern lens and the other, traditional, both ultimately encourage us all to wake up and evolve.

In short, it's an excellent time to integrate our past lessons and look ahead with faith.

This lunar eclipse offers an opportunity to upgrade; with awareness and love, tune in to what is important now. To discern what we have learnt and what we have outgrown.

Let's turn on our Observer - be present, mindful of all our senses.

Show ourselves all the love and compassion we can muster.

Embody our version of all the high-vibe qualities of Taurus and Scorpio. Feel empowered to make necessary changes to realign with our core values, and accept that it's okay to experience the shadows as well as the light.

From this stable and secure place, we have the resources to feel anchored and experience whatever Scorpionic lessons bubble up into our awareness.

As we open the door to possibility with our updated values, we are able to dive deep into the shadow parts of what we hide from others. The light of this awareness is powerful.

Let's shake off the past that keeps us feeling heavy and acknowledge the secret parts we hide. For some, this may be a time to seek professional psychotherapy. Confiding in a friend or journalling may be a helpful tool for others.

The healing begins when we witness the shadow parts with love and acceptance.

When we feel happy in our skin, we can transform to feel more comfortable and find a new way forward.

How is this energy playing out for you?

We all have these energies somewhere in our life. If you want to try yoga to feel more embodied, get in touch. Private and group yoga therapy classes and astrology readings are available.

There is still time to join tonight's Yin Yoga Nidra class Sunday, 6th November, 7 pm on Zoom,



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